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The Onion

A world wonder within the reach of us all !!!

Famous to make you cry because of the sulfur, a lot of people run-away when it comes to cutting an onion but if they knew how important the onion is to our health everyone would run to get one. Known under the scientific name of ALLIUM CEPA, the onion is the one of the best known vegetables in the culinary world. Every part of the onion is important. In addition to eating, the onion is also medicinal and the skin can be use for crafts or to make syrups or teas.

The benefits of consuming onions are innumerable and to get the most positive effect it has to be ingested raw.

Onions are a source of antioxidants and are powerful against asthma and inflammation. This vegetable is successful at combating allergies, the flu, and Reducing cholesterol.

I would like to share a little onion syrup recipe that even children love.

ONIONS SYRUP: cut slices of onions in a plate . Put organic sugar on this and let it set for 6 hours. The sugar will remove all the liquid from the onion turning it into a sweet and powerful broth . Then just pour the broth into a tea strainer.

The onion skin besides being beautiful contains quercetin which is a anti-inflammatory substance and a antioxidant which can be extracted only when boiled in hot liquid. Onion skin can be use as a tea or to wash the skin releiving itchness or even wash hair because it helps smothing and growth. Onion beauty is also used in artes and crafts and tie-dying.

This video from my youtube chanel teaches you how to decorate a glass botle with onion s shells.



The most common onion type:

Pear onion : This is bigger and intense acid



Pearl onion: small and widely used in the cans

Echalote onion: low acid

Purple onion: sweet taste

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