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Ripped jeans

The more destroyed the better !!

These are not your basic jeans and everyone likes them, including me, lol. Here’s what I found at the Fashion Warehouse in the city of Londrina.

Adopted by designers and celebrities, distressed or ripped jeans are increasingly sensational and visible in almost any style. From child to adult and from feminine to the masculine distressed jeans are available even in the classic style fits. Every scratch and rip gives the appearance of aged vintage apparel. This style is so strong that it matches with everything producing a great look, perfect for all occasions.


These jeans survived the times and the changes becoming the celebrity darling of today. They were once a symbol of young people in the 70’s eventually becoming attractive and affordable to anyone of any social class.

Let’s talk a little bit about Jean origin …

Jeans started out as a type of denim used to make reinforced clothes.
It all began in Nimes, France in 1567, where the pants worn by the sailors in Genova (Italy). In the late 1800s in Maryland USA they became popular made from woven cotton cloth called DENIM similar to the material made in NIMES. The first material was brown and used as wagon cover. With the saturation of the market, Levi Strauss, a German businessman, invested in the manufacture of resistant trousers for the work of gold miners. He made only three trousers for testing and experienced success immediately, this marked the beginning of the jean craze.

In the late 1800s the critical points of the trousers were reviewed and metal buttons, rivets and copper studs were added to give even greater resistance. The first batch of pants were code 501. When we think of jeans, we can think of the blue color that actually appeared in the 1890s when Levi dyed with a dye made from the indigo plant. Only in the twentieth century Jeans were popularized with cowboys and especially through films with celebrities like James Dean, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and later the hippy crowd.

The first designer to wear jeans on the runways was Calvin Klein in the 70’s. Since then, they have only gained strength and power being present in fashion for all generations never losing elegance. It will be very difficult for another raw material to take the reign away from jeans.

I want to leave some tips for you on how to use your distressed/ripped jeans:

Classic: darker tones with discrete features. Avoid highly visible traits

Stripped: lighter tones and may exaggerate the tears showing more legs. They are worth gigantic features only with the fraying showing discretely.

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